You need to read this if you pay online

Many customers are calling or emailing that they are getting errors when trying to make a payment.

The primary reason is the old service (Paymentus) was terminated in November including your old account number with a dash. If you are using an account number with a dash (“-“), you will get errors because it no longer exists.  Every single account has a new account number. You can only make a payment online with the new account number and only on the new SmartHub system.

To resolve the problem, you can:

  1. Wait until we send you your next billing statement with the new account number, or;
  2. You can call in at 360.385.5800 and request your new account number from a customer service representative.*

Once you get your new number, you can register on the new system. You will also need to input your last amount due on your bill for authentication purposes. This is usually the balance on your October bill. If you have a credit, you will need to enter a negative number. If you on our budget plan, the number you enter is your budget payment for that month. If you can not register, please contact us at (360)385-5800.

*Call wait times could be longer than 10 minutes during peak business hours.

The ACH payment option may result in payment delays at this time. We are currently working to resolve the issue on our end.

Once  you register with SmartHub, please take advantage of the new services it has to offer. There is also a mobile app available for Apple and Android at the respective Apple and Android stores.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you use and enjoy the new features in SmartHub!